Thank you so much for all your support for our trip to Houston. We were able to raise almost $18,000 which significantly helped our transportation and entry fees for the competition. 

Donate to our Team!

Penguin Empire, the San Marin Robotics team is a non-profit organization that is fully volunteer guided. Considering that we receive no school funding, our expenses are paid using funds from generous donors, fundraisers, and sponsors. Every year, many expenses, such as the First Robot and Competition Entry Fee, the Practice Robot, and the materials used to build the robots add up, making any donation essential.

​Donations made are tax deductible under the Tax ID: 68-0112169.

​Any contributions are greatly appreciated.   

Where your donations are going: 

● $7,500 - FIRST Robot and Competition Entry Fee

● $4,000 - For our second FIRST Competition

● $1,500 - New Laptops

● $2,550 - Supplies: Control Station; Tools; etc.

● $2,500 - New Robotics Kits

● $3,000 - Practice Robot

● $1,000 - Inter-Team Competition

Donation Form 2024-25.pdf